Feature Request: Automatically Defer/Due

Some task, will only be available in a specific time period.

And I may want to check it every day. Even if I forgot to do it, I can’t do it again after the specific period, until the next available time period is coming. That means, the overdue status is useless for such kind of tasks.

So I would like to set the defer until and the due property, and repeat type is ‘automatically defer’.

Between the 2 points, I can see the task, and I can finish it. Even if I don’t finish it, It wouldn’t be overdue, It will automatically defer to the next defer to date after the due time is passed.

That would be very helpful for something those you need to do every day, and will not affect too much if you forgot to do it once.

Not to discount your request, but you may want to consider using contexts to meet this need. For example, I have a @Calls context for calls I need to make. Nested inside @Calls is @Calls:9-5 for calls that need to be made in normal business hours. If I forget by Friday, it’s fine, I check my 9-5 context on Monday again.

I don’t consider this a “hack” or workaround… Regular, repeating time periods is as much a context as a repeating destination.