Feature Request: Automatically restart syncing after a sync failure

Since OmniSyncServer has been relatively unreliable the last few days, I have discovered that I am really irritated by the fact that once sync fails, OmniFocus will not automatically restart syncing after a failure. It just hangs.

This is a problem because if I am at work and adding items to my OmniFocus at work and leave while the OmniSyncServer is down, I can’t count on any of the changes I have made getting synced to my other devices until I go to work the next day and manually force a sync.

I understand that you don’t want the OmniSyncServer servers pounded by re-sync attempts while you are fixing them, but can’t you just have it restart sync are a slower rate, like just have it wait a few hours before syncing if there was a failure. That would be better than being out of sync for days.

For feature requests, I’d suggest you to use the option Help > Contact Omni on your OmniFocus menu :D

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Also sent to Contact Omni, just wanted to see if I could drum up support here for such a chance given my irritation. :)

You can use a Keyboard Maestro macro to restart syncing when a previous failure is detected. I revised the script because the first version had an error which made OmniFocus sync every 10 minutes regardless whether there was a failure or not.