Feature request: Conditional due dates


I wonder if conditional due dates is something you have considered adding as a feature? I often have task that are depended on when preceding tasks are completed. One example of what I’m thinking about:

“Wait for comments from client” is a task, and once I’ve got the comments, I’ve seven days to update the web site. What I would like is to set the due date for “Send updated site to customer” to have a due date automatically set seven days from whenever “Wait for comments” are marked as done.

This feature would save me a lot of rescheduling.


Hi Anders,

A possible solution could be to use Textexpander.
I do this for waiting for task for example.

How are you creating the Textexpander snippets needed?

How about using a construction with an Action Group …

Initiate Project [sequential group]

  • get comments from clients
  • set target date for project [flagged]
    Project [sequential group with due date pending above action]
  • start development
  • send updated site to client

When you need to have this often and routinely, you could create it as a template and generate an AppleScript:

  • select the “get comments …” task
  • have the AppleScript mark it and the next task complete
  • have the AppleScript set the due date on the Project action group for today + 7 days


Hi again Anders,

Here’s a link to a video with an example and below you have the code for Textexpander.

Send updated site to customer - %filltext:name=Company%%key:tab%online%key:tab%%key:tab%7d%key:tab%

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