Feature request: Cumulative Forecast

As on option in the Forecast view, show how many items will be (over)due on a given day if no progress is made in the meantime. I.e., naively, the sum over time of the current forecast counts. However, to get this right, also take repetition into account: if I have a daily item for “run dishwasher”, I will surely have to do that tomorrow, whether I do it today or not.

The upshot is: I want to see a prediction of my task load tomorrow (and next week, etc.), not just the count of items that are due tomorrow specifically.

(I emailed this to support@omnigroup.com for their tracking, but I’m also curious what folks here think :) )

Honestly not keen, it adds another layer of complexity for what I would consider little gain.

For me it’s not the number of tasks (which is irrelevant) but the time needed. I tend to complete a lot of small admin tasks in the morning, doing the heavy work (coding) in the afternoon as I am not good in the mornings.

To follow through on your request you would then need to add cumulative time needed to complete, numbers alone would mean little.

For example four large coding tasks will take potentially a long time, four small admin tasks like post tweet for X will take minutes.

Sounds like a good use case for an Omni Automation script which would apply the preferred calculation rules or options of the user, which are bound to be different for every person. It would display a dialogue box with a summary of what fits in the time constraints.

It would not work for me, but I don’t use the forecast perspective anyway. (too cluttered and inflexible)

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