Feature Request: Custom Grouping in Forecast View

I see this concept has been touched on in the past, but the thread has been closed. If there is a work around for this using scripting I’m all ears.

My intent would be to group tasks as morning, afternoon and evening. With no separation in the Forecast view it can often feel cluttered and overwhelming. I’ve created a workflow and custom perspectives to essentially capture my “Today” view, but I would still love to see a more time/date based sorting in Forecast view itself.


Can’t you do this using tags?

That would be great if so. In my “Today” custom perspective I am grouping by tags, which is how I want to organize that view, and grouping and sorting by “Due” in another customer perspective providing an overview of upcoming projects. This provides (adequate) organization, but I’d love to see more flexibility in the Forecast view based on actual due date times, thus eliminating the need to add another tag on every new entry.

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