Feature Request: Defer Date to Due Date (and back) toggle

Not sure if anyone else finds this a tad frustrating?

When entering a Defer Date on my iPhone 5S, the calendar “selector” virtually takes up all of the bottom-half of the screen, to the point where it is difficult to find a tap-point to scroll down to adjust the Due date.

I would find it very useful if a button could be placed adjacent to that date line, that will toggle a jump between the Defer and Due date, and back in between.

The way I see this happening, is the user would select the Defer Date, and if they need to also enter a Due date, tap the toggle button, and have the Due date calendar selector called up, but with the Defer date automatically copied by default, that you can then adjust easily with the option buttons.

Similarly, if the Due date is then entered, and you then decide to go back to the Defer date and tweak/adjust, the toggle button will simply allow you to jump back into Defer, with the previously input date already selected.

This would save me several seconds per entry. Maybe it’s just me - but I find the movement between Defer and Due to be very fiddly on the iPhone. Furthermore, I often find that I actually wanted to put in a Due Date, but have instead entered a Defer date, since it appears 1st vertically. Having a toggle button automatically copy the Defer date over to Due, and then using it to quickly jump back and Clear the initial (mistaken) Defer, will be super useful.

Anyone else?

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I found this hugely cumbersome as well, but I discovered that there’s actually a sort of hidden UI feature that makes it a bit less so…

Think of those two fields as ‘expanding’ fields… If you tap on the Defer Date a second time after you set it, the date picker collapses back again, just like it was when you first opened the task. Due Date is then right where it’s supposed to be, and you can tap on that to open it up, pick a date, and then tap on that one again as well to collapse it.

It’s not perfect, but I find it works reasonably well.


jdh – appreciate the tip! It’s a biggie – and possibly not something that would’ve occurred to me.

Still think there’s room for improvement, but yours works a charm in getting a huge part of the annoyance out of the way. Thanks again!