Feature Request: Due Date and Defer Until populated by dragged calender entry

I’ve just started using Fantastical 2.0.7 to help schedule may OmniFocus tasks for each day. I particularly like how Fantastical 2 will preserve the task duration, so if I think a task will take 20 minutes when I drag the task to Fantastical the newly created appointment will be 20 minutes in duration!

This gave me an idea that you may like to include in future releases of OmniFocus. It would be incredible if when I drag a task into Fantastical (or another calendar app, or maybe the forecast view in OF) the date and time is recorded in the defer until and due fields. I would imagine this would require opening up the Omni sync servers API to third-party developer, unless you wanted to incorporate this functionality within OF (which would be great!)

Is this feature likely to appear in a future update of OF?

Hey there @aarontimo! Thanks for your suggestion. You may know this already, but the only official way to request new features in the app is to email our support team. While we certainly check in on the forums, it’s much less ambiguous to get feature requests via email – and if we get multiple emails from different people about the same feature, we can count them all towards that feature, rather than trying to pick separate requests out of one forum thread.

I’m afraid I’m also not able to say whether any given feature is likely to appear in OmniFocus in the future. We get lots of great ideas from customers like you, and we just aren’t able to implement them all. This is another reason emailing in helps: we do consider the volume of requests for a given feature when planning development on OmniFocus.

Thanks again!

Thanks @tekl for your reply. Funnily I had initially drafted an email but many companies now use the forums to gauge interest in new feature requests. Anyway, thanks for letting me know. I’ll email the support team shortly.