Feature request: easy deferring menu

Many productivity apps (like Todoist, Google Inbox, iOS Swipes, etcetera) now have quick menus for deferring, which is a huge time saver. Does anyone know if something like this is planned for OmniFocus in the near future? The way it works right now is a bit … vintage, at least in app terms that is ;-)

On a 6S or 7, you can force touch and swipe up for some quick actions (defer until tomorrow is my fav), or for pre-force touch devices, you can swipe left on a task, choose More and see the same options.

If there are options not there that you’d love to see, be sure to email Omni to get a feature request in :)



I got a 6 unfortunately…

Cool, so you can use the swipe method above to access those options.


It’s not very user friendly. The other quick defer menus work like [swipe > click]. In Omnifocus it’s [swipe > click more > Due tomorrow or Defer until Tomorrow]. It’s one more action and far less options!