Feature request : Filter perspective by range of duration?

As part of my effort to build a useful task management system , I want to have a perspective called “Quick Wins” which shows tasks that can take less than a certain amount of time to complete. The time could range from 2 - 15 minutes, at least for my first try. I might want to change the range later if it doesn’t work out.

I’ve done some research on the Web and in the application , and what I found under filters is a list of fixed times along. “> 1 hour” is the only options with a range.

It would be nice to be able to select a comparison operator and follow that with an number. I’ve seen others request <25min , <15min, etc on various Web forums discussing Omnifocus.

I’m willing to submit a feedback forum as long as I get a tracking link and can follow the status ( eg accepted, rejected, implemented , etc ) .

What does the rest of the community think? I’ve had Omnifocus 1/2 Pro for years but was never as serious about using it effectively as I am now, That means I want more from the system than before as well, because I’m actually using it!.


PS It’s a great product, I’m looking forward to purchasing Omnifocus 3 which will hopefully take things to the next level! aka Getting Things Done-er :)

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I support this idea. If I can make the estimated time of a task 27 minutes, I should be able to find a way to get this task through filtering. Of course it doesn’t make sense to have such a precise estimate, but I have some tasks that have 1, 2, 4, 8 hour durations that it would be nice to group into something other than the >1 filter.