Feature Request: Hazel 'like' tool for OmniFocus

I was thinking it would be cool if there was a Hazel like tool for OmniFocus.

Here are some examples I could think of:

  • Automatically move tasks which are a certain age to a new project/archive
  • Give a task containing a specific word in the title a pre determined context and project

Would you folks think of this? Would you find it useful?

ps. this probably doesn’t fit the direction OmniFocus wants to go with there product but it would be cool nun the less.

here’s how to do it with existing tech

  1. have an always-on computer running OmniFocus
  2. write Applescripts for your actions
  3. run the scripts from launchd

I can see why this might be useful if you wanted automated actions in the background while out and about on iOS but IMHO it’d be much easier to just have a maintenance script that you run when you sit down at the Mac.

Extensions to the URL scheme might make this possible.

Such as

  1. Retrieve - via search - the task’s information

  2. Manipulate a retrieved task’s information

But those extensions are something Omni have yet to write.