Feature request. Hide tags

Showing tags on all the tasks really clutters up the screen. Please give me an option to hide it like you can the project paths.

Thank you


Hopefully this will come, as we have it on the Mac. Send an e-mail to support and let them know that you would like it, as this is only a user forum.


+1 for hiding tgs, I’m going to send them an email right now!

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The real issue I have that there are fixed column widths for title, tags, deferred date, due date, etc. And the tags window takes a LOT of room, even when there aren’t many (any?) tags. And it makes the other columns smaller. I hide the deferred column in all views for this purpose, though sometimes I need it.

It’d be super nice if OmniFocus had variable widths (heck, no actual columns, and just showed data that was present), like Things does. The Things design is far better in this regard; OmniFocus still feels like an offshoot of OmniOutliner after all these years.

The alternate “Fluid” view handles this nicely, but at the expense of a huge amount of whitespace with roughly double the normal line height.

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Have requested this nearly a year ago and seen many many people asking for this here and on Twitter. I’ve lost any hope for Omni taking onboard small requests like this. (I classify small ones as this, big ones as being a web platform version). The web platform brings in new revenue, these requests don’t.


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