Feature request: hiding far-off items in Forecast view

I have several actions which have both defer and due dates, both of which are far off in the future. My furthest-away due date is June 15, 2019 (and that action is deferred until March 1).

Would it be possible to not show such items in the “Future” section of the Forecast view, and to reserve that section for things which are coming up soon (like maybe in the next 2 to 4 weeks)?

The whole point of OmniFocus for me is to remind me about things at the time that it actually makes sense to be reminded about them. I don’t want a reminder on my OmniFocus home screen about things which are that far away.

@fragar do you have the filter set at ‘remaining’ instead of ‘available’?
If you have a defer date set at march next year it shouldn’t appear if set to available.

Where in ‘Forecast View’ can you change the remaining/available setting?

I also don’t see any way to set that.

There is a “Show Deferred Items” checkbox in the Forecast perspective settings for macOS, but that controls whether items which have deferred dates show up as entries under that defer date.

Apologies. There isn’t!
I meant in a separate custom perspective. I use a perspective to group all my ‘must not miss’ appointments from now until whenever. I have this to set available only using defer dates to push off things in the new year I don’t need to see.