Feature Request: Lightweight checklists (not Tasks)

I’m supplementing Omnifocus with Obsidian to get what I call lightweight checklists. Especially for daily routines.

Mine has steps like this:

There are a few advantages here, but the biggest for me is to avoid cluttering the Database and search view. I don’t want 10k instances of “Take pill”, checked off, in the database.

I imagine markdown check-able items in the note field would be the easiest way to implement something like this in OF.

I often think I could abandon other note-taking apps altogether, if OF notes had just a few more features. Obsidian is a note app that many people are trying to wrestle into being a task database. But I think OF is closer to reaching that holy grail of being The Tasks + Notes app. Just needs a few more notes features please!


+1 for Checklists in the note field


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