[feature request] link's label should be set to line's content

actual behavior:

  • i have a line with content “hello”
  • i want to create a link to it so i do “copy as link”
  • i do CMD-V to create the link
  • the link’s label is “omnioutliner:blablabla…”

wanted behavior:

  • when i do CMD-V to create the link the link’s label should be “hello”
    if the text is long, just put the first 10 words or so

Agreed! This would be a huge help!! A meaningful label (like the text of the source) would be highly useful. I always wind up having to manually edit every time I paste a link. I always assumed that there must be some setting that I was unaware of to do this.

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me too and I edit hundreds of links per day so it’s quite annoying to right-click each time

and a second option to automatically open the “edit link popup” when pasting would be great
Just like when we add a webpage bookmark with a browser, there is a popup that open to customize the bookmark label. (at least in mac safari)

so in conclusion a few checkboxes in the preferences:

[X] use pasted text as label
trim to " 10 " words long
[X] open edit link popup when pasting

If it’s a complicated request to have options, settings, etc., I’d be thrilled to just have the default behavior change and have no other options at all. So, when I paste a link, it’ll just put in a link to the item selected, and will include the words highlighted as the title. If the whole item is selected as the source, then it’ll take just take the first few words. Just having that would be a huge improvement. I can’t imagine a scenario where the program’s internal name for the link is preferable to a few relevant words of english related to the link.

Any applescript experts know if this would be doable with a script?

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Do any experts know how to do this with a script?

@DerekM , any chance of adding this feature?

Of course. Please make sure to send an email to omnioutliner@omnigroup.com for any feature requests though so we requests properly recorded. This helps us determine priority for releases.