Feature request: More powerful Today extension

I’d like to use a Today extension which shows the following (in order):

  1. Any flagged actions.
  2. Any due soon actions.
  3. Actions from one of my custom perspectives.

OmniFocus does not currently support this but could do so via either of the following features:

New feature A)

Currently, OmniFocus preferences include a “Show in Today: Show a Custom Perspective” checkbox. If it is checked the user can choose a custom perspective, otherwise he can select any of the following:

[-] Overdue
[-] Due Today
[-] Due Soon
[-] Deferred Until Today
[-] Flagged
[-] Inbox Items

It would be great if a custom perspective could be shown in addition to (rather than instead of) the above list. Users could then check “Due Soon”, “Flagged”, and “Custom Perspective: …”, and all of those would be shown together in the Today view.

New Feature B)

Another way to allow users to add this functionality would be to add a new “Group actions by: Flagged, then Due” perspective presentation option. This would create one group for flagged actions (just like “Group actions by: Flagged”), then a set of groups for due actions (just like “Group actions by: Due”), and then everything else.

Then, a user could create a custom perspective which uses this grouping and set that (and nothing else) in the “Show in Today: Show a Custom Perspective” preference setting.

I don’t disagree with this request, but couldn’t you accomplish what you seek by creating a custom perspective to include all of those things in the custom perspective itself? It may be slightly redundant IF you want a custom perspective that has some content and NOT those other items that you would check off, but still easy enough to accomplish.

It’s not quite possible to set up a custom perspective which will do that.

I want the actions in the Today view to be ordered first by flagged, then by due date, then by tag. A custom perspective used in the Today view can only effectively order by two things.

For example, you can sort in the Today view by flagged and then by due date by using the following presentation settings:

Group and sort: Individual actions
Group actions by: Flagged
Sort actions by: Due

This won’t sort by tag, though.

Great point… yes, this seems to be a limitation today.

Did you file this as a feature request? I don’t think this forum is the “official” way to do that, but don’t remember where is.

Sending an e-mail to support is – they have their internal feature request database which they will gladly add your suggestion to.

Yeah, I’ll do that. So far I’ve been sending them bug reports and posting feature requests or things I’m not sure about here in the forum …

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