Feature Request: More robust filtering system for Perspectives?

I’d like to see the Filter section in Perspectives multiplied by 1000. Check Mail.app, preferences, Rules, Add Rule. I’d like to see that type of power. I would like a perspective right now that qualifies

Include project if all of the following conditions are met
project name is not equal to “Grocery List”
project status is active
project next review is within one week.

Etc. This would make OF a MILLION times better and would solve the lack of Reference List and non-project lists as you could just create highly filtered perspectives that hid/showed what you did/don’t want to see.


I’ve sent in my feature request a while ago.

Send an e-mail to Omnigroup Support Humans at omnifocus@omnigroup.com for any feature requests or bug reports. They will record your e-mail into their internal database to help prioritize future OmniFocus development.

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