Feature request: multiple choices from Pop-Up List

Being able to filter sections from a Pop-Up List is terrific, but it would be immeasurably better if we were able to select more than one item from the Pop-Up List.

I create columns so that each item can have the equivalent of a Tag, so that I can use Filters to search for certain things. If I want to assign multiple “tags” to an item, I have to use a Rich Text column so that more than one Tag can be applied. And this means that I have to manually type every tag for every item. It would save me an enormous amount of time if I could have all my tags in the Pop-Up List and select as many as I want for each item.

Ecco Pro had this function, and it was hugely useful.


I would love this feature, too. I want to keep a select list of options that I can choose multiples of. Otherwise, the danger is having the same idea or phrase rewritten/typo-ed/reworded. Please create this option!

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I really liked circus ponies notebook keyword function – you could attach key words to multiple rows and attach more than one key word. This would be something that could be added to the inspector perhaps of OO5 and could filter on it. Or perhaps have a column that could show / hide like the status check boxes and enter tags/keywords there. Would be great for research.

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I would love to see that as well (or, alternatively, have a tagging capability just like the new OmniFocus).


– for (at least) mimicking the absent tagging system
– for other purposes as well. there are many scenarios where I want to / need to assign multiple values from a defined set! actually this is a very standard case…