Feature Request: Notes For Folders


I’m familiar with the idea of projects and subprojects. However, if the subprojects are big/independent enough, I will sometimes make a folder for the big/main project and then put the various ongoing (sub)projects in the folder.

I find that it would be useful to have a notes section for folders so that we could make notes that pertain to the overall picture of what is contained in that folder. I keep reference stuff in Evernote and love using note links. However, if I have a main note that pertains to multiple projects in a folder, I’d love to be able to put that link in a notes section for the whole folder.

Thank you for your consideration,


@JSMaxwell — Great idea. I could see this being useful.

In the meantime, you might consider having a Single Action List (SAL) for each big project folder.

This SAL could be used for one-off tasks related to the major objective and you could use the notes field of this SAL to store links to reference information (e.g. in Evernote). You would keep the SAL around until the main project is complete.

For example, if your big project was to climb mount Everest you could have a folder called “Climb Mount Everest” that contains a SAL called “[Climb Mount Everest]” (I adopted the convention of putting square brackets around the names of SALs to help distinguish them from sequential and parallel projects).

This folder would also contain sequential and parallel projects related to this larger object. For example, “Hire Guide” and “Choose Dates for Trip”.

I hope this helps!

Tim Stringer
Founder, Learn OmniFocus


Yes—it’s really odd that the Notes field is missing from Folders when it’s available in all 3 types of Project and Actions.

I’m v new to OF but I thought that it was received wisdom that OF is used for the GTD/Project with Folders at the top level, subordinate Projects and a link to Evernote/Bear, et al. for nitty gritty details (exactly as you are using it).

So, e.g. an Evernote “Classic Link” at the top level (i.e., Folder) is surely the best place for it to live