Feature Request: Open PDFs in other iOS applications

Allow attached PDFs to open in other applications such as PDF Expert and another iOS application that can read the file type of the attachment.

Right now, I have several reading tasks each with attached PDFs. Because OF doesn’t have a sophisticated way to interact with PDFs beyond simply displaying the PDF, I like to be able to open the PDF in a dedicated PDF reader on my iPad. However, to achieve this I need to use a roundabout way since OF doesn’t allow PDFs to be directly opened by many other applications. To open the PDF with PDFExpert (a Readdle app), I need to first save the PDF to Dropbox, open Dropbox app, then have it open the PDF by calling the app PDFExpert. Finally, the PDF is opened by the app I want to read the article in.

This would be incredibly useful to me too. I chair numerous meetings, all of which use PDF papers requiring annotation and notes.

I’d also like to be able to specify a favorite editor for PDFs on iOS.

Until then, try storing the PDF in Evernote and placing a link to Evernote in the note of the OmniFocus task. Those work on both iOS and OS X, and Evernote offers basic functionality for PDF highlighting and annotating.

There are also some Cydia applications available for iOS. So, you can check those here at Best Cydia Apps for iOS.