Feature Request: Please make the inspector NOT a floating window

Hi Omni,

I must say that i absolutely loath floating windows, so I would like to request the option of docking the inspector to the right side of the application window and having it behave like the outline/style pane on the left hand side, which expands and contracts, rather than floats.

Please please please please offer this option in the future :-)

Thank you,

Richard Nash
Los Angeles, CA


I think you’ll find that there are just as many people who loathe the inspector being pinned to the application window as there are those who loathe floating inspectors. I would imagine people who develop outlines with multiple columns would want it floating, just as with OmniGraffle, where it is pinned in the new version, and a lot of people have reverted to the previous version as they want to put the inspector on their second monitor so as not to have it taking up space from the working area.

For me, with OO it wouldn’t be a problem; but I have not upgraded OmniGraffle, partly for that reason.

I could see how it can be annoying for OmniGraffle if you are craving the screen real estate, but I would love to see OmniOutliner with a pinned inspector. @rchrdnsh has my vote.

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OmniGraffle 6.1 lets you choose between either pinned or floating inspectors, which is how we ultimately plan to solve this for all our apps. (6.1 will be shipping soon; it’s currently in public test.)


Great to hear that it’s going to be an option across the board! And it was great to hear your thoughts on Mac Power Users a couple weeks ago.

that would be awesome!

Any updates on this? This definitely has my vote. It’s the major thing I dislike about an otherwise fantastic application. It also feels very inconsistent across the broader Omni UI, since OmniGraffle and OmniFocus have pinned inspectors. That seems like a strange decision.

I would absolutely love to see OmniOutliner’s inspector pinned as well. This is one of my most common gripes about the app besides the lack of a back button.

+1 for the option of pinning the Inspector.

I need both: my computer is a 15" laptop (want floating Inspector), and I work at a couple of locations where I have multiple monitors (want pinned Inspector).

Additional request: when “semi-pinned” (the default behavior lines up the Inspector window’s left edge with the app window’s right edge when they are near each other), please add a “vertically-aligned” function that puts the bottom of the toolbars of each window at the same vertical level on the screen.

I want to be able to quickly get this:

+1 for having the option.

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