Feature request: Search for name of folder via Spotlight

Please ad the functionality to search for group/folder’s name from within the app itself and to search for the same from Spotlight in macOS and iOS.

I just checked, if I search for a folder name in OmniFocus I can see it in the results (and go to it with press & hold). Is this not happening for you?

I’d like to see these as an option in Spotlight too. Have you emailed support to log this request?

Wow! Thanks, your are right. I was convinced (by experiencing it missing in macOS), that I never really tried it in iOS. Thanks for the light of knowing more.

Yes, I’ve e-mailed support with this request (search option via Spotlight in iOS and macOS) sooner today. (I requested an option to search for tags vie Spotlight via both macOS and iOS platform at the same time).

On iOS in OmniFocus if I search for a tag then I can see all items with that tag, and in Spotlight if I search for the exact name of the tag it appears and I can jump straight to it.

I thought that Spotlight isn’t able search in OmniFocus for all tags, folders, projects, task and perspectives (it didn’t work for me) so I asked support for the feature recently. They replied the next day with an advice and link (specific command for OmniFocus) that, when I ran it, has consequently cured misbehaving of my search (the command had set app’s default for indexing to the new value and has quit the app; after reopening the app Spotlight search has returned to its full power – now it searches for all above mentioned items). The command is pretty simple and I believe it’s not harmful but I believe it’s better to leave it to support guys, so I won’t publish it here without their consent.

Thanks for showing me it works Rosemary.

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