Feature Request: Swipe Right to Defer Task In Views

Does anyone else wish they could quickly swipe right on a task in a view to defer it rather than having to go into the task and then deferring it there?

It’s my first instinct to do it this way ever since i’ve used mail programs that allow you to swipe to “schedule” so it pops up at a later time/day. It’s so much quicker imho.

I’d expect that after you swipe right either:

  1. the date picker would immediately pop up on the screen and you could choose date or use the +1’s, or
  2. a defer button would appear (just like swiping left on a task does for flag and delete) and you would then touch defer and the date picker/+1’s would appear. in this way, you could techinically have both a defer and due button appear when you swipe right.



Great idea. I’d love to see this.


Can I +10 this?


I’ll allow it!!! :D

Make sure, all of you, to e-mail The Omni Group at the address omnifocus@omnigroup.com about this good idea, so that they could count yout votes for it.

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I already got my vote counted today when I tweeted this idea! So feel free to just @reply this tweet saying you want it as well.

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Swipe to reschedule due/defferred date?

Something like Todoist/things?

This would be useful to me