Feature request: Time on task tracking / limit view by date range

Two features but highly linked.

Focus great for knowing what to do but, I also have to update other systems with what time I have spent on certain projects. What would be nice is to be able to track time actually working on a task (and aggregated up into a project). This is not just a start and end time because it might be 1hr today 3hr tomorrow etc. If done well it would avoid using other tools for this tracking and really speed up a tedious process.

Related is viewing tasks sorted by different dates and being able to restrict the date range visible. Thus I could have a 'completed or active tasks over the last month view and get the total times on each project trivially. Or look at the sum of estimated time over the next few months again highly useful for forecasting or providing estimates of time for budgeting.

Okay if its possible already and I’ve missed the feature great I’ll start using it as soon as the obvious is pointed out to me.