Feature requests for OF

Some feature requests for OF

  1. Better integration of a calendar view with my current perspective - so I can see my to do list and my calendar on one page (not the current forecast view)
  2. A better review function - that occurs in the context of the project landscape - the current review function is severely lacking
  3. Better syncing with the iPhone app - changes should be pushed across without me having to open the app and sync subsequently - this is too slow and clunky
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Fine to query users in the forum to drum up support, but Omni won’t officially count any requests made in the forum. To have your vote counted, use the Help>Contact Omni menu item. They’ll let you know your vote has been added to the request, or if a new request was made as a result of your email.

What do you mean by this? Do you mean that if I’m looking at a project, I can get straight to a Review view of that project?

Hi Nick

The review tab at the moment - lists projects or sometimes individual components of projects that you flick through and mark as reviewed etc.

However, it doesn’t show how these projects fit into the greater scheme of things or how they relate to one another etc. These relationships are equally important.

It would be better to see the review function together with the project hierarchy.

At the present moment, I feel like one is only getting half the picture when one reviews their various tasks in this way

Hope that makes sense



OK - now I see. Thanks for taking the time

I think the Review perspective works for me. But I’d like to see a Kanban view to see the overall scheme of things.


I would like to open two simultaneous OF windows on an iPad pro. Or, if not that, at least two project tabs side-by-side.

For reviews, do you mean you want to see the folder structure? Everything else is self-contained in a project. Do you know you can hit cmd+option+r to view the project you’re reviewing in Projects? Then you can hit cmd+6 to go back to reviews. A forward/back system using cmd+shift+bracket would be useful here, though.


Hi @michael2 - that is useful to know
Yes - I would like to see the project in terms of how it fits into the overarching folder structure.

For me - not every project is stand-alone - so the current review feature only allows the review of a project in isolation. This is not ideal for my purposes.

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Maybe @kcase could comment on current plans, as he mentioned something in that direction in the past:

Also worth asking you @andrew78, is this question from @nostodnayr: