Feature suggestion: one click removal of all completed tasks

For those of us without the habit of keeping a huge database of outdated stuff, it would be really handy to offer a one-click option to remove all completed tasks at once (preferably with a keyboard shortcut). Thanks.

P.S. I’ve been waiting for this ever since OF1.

File → Move to Archive?

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Or possibly a mew routine that automatically moves any completed tasks older than XX days will automatically get moved to the archive?

OF2’s archive ability has not yet been implemented. It’s just a matter of time.

“File–>Move to Archive” isn’t one click—it’s two GUI clicks or a bunch of messy keyboard navigations (no shortcut without scripting; and scripts are slow) plus a popup conversation. Also, point is I don’t even need an archive.

You can’t add a keyboard shortcut to that menu item in the Keyboard control panel?

Good point, I was thinking about GUI scripting and forgot the obvious solution. Anyway, a popup isn’t what I have in mind. Even deleting completed tasks on the go is faster than that.