File conversion for OO5 test builds


I’ve been testing the private builds of OO5. The release notes for it say that we should now “convert” old oo files to the oo5 format before trying to open them with the OO5-test-build, but it doesn’t say how we should do that. I’ve just been opening them w/o conversion and then re-saving them. Is that how we’re supposed to do it, or am I inviting problems? How does one do the conversion that’s referred to in the release notes? Also, is there some other forum I should be using to ask questions about the test builds? I did send an email to support, but didn’t hear back (I do realize they must be busy working on the releases, but just want to know if I’m missing something obvious here).

Thank you for any help on this,

Hi, sorry for the confusion. That note is specifically about the new format and means that if you had existing .ooutline files from previous builds, you would need to contact us to get those fixed. You do not need to do anything to existing .oo3 files.

Thank you for clearing that up.

May one hope for a beta soon? ;)

@Vlachbild Everyone is welcomed to sign up for the private test!