File too large?

I’ve been having Omnipresence crashes that I suspect have to do with a very large OO file. It’s 1.45GB.

It’s 9124 rows, 1,736,926 words, and 10,165,533 characters. There are no graphics, jpegs, attachments, or anything else that would bloat the file. Just words. Does this sound like it should be 1.45GB?

And is there any way - other than chopping it into several separate files - to shrink the size of an OO file?

Wow, that’s more than 10 average length thrillers (or one Stephen King book)


Problem solved. I did a deep dive, and discovered a 2GB mpeg somehow attached its way into one item buried deep in the outline. I removed it, and the size of the entire outline reverted to 23MB. I think Omnipresence is going to be much happier.

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In the process, did you discover if the attachments are embedded in the file or a separate attachment in the bundle? I don’t use attachments much since I’ve assumed it would negatively affect sync times but if they’re externalised them then that might not be the case. Omni have recently optimised how attachments sync for OmniFocus, just wondering if they’ve done the same for OmniOutliner.

Not sure if this answers your question, but I saw that I had chosen “Save as File Package” in the Inspector. I’ve since changed that to “Save as Flat File”. It’s even smaller now.

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