File Won't Open Unless exported and zipped

I am using Omnigraffle 6.4, and I have been sending files through email to another person who is also using 6.4. She can’t open it and gets this error message: “The document [File Name] could not be opened!”

We discovered that if I export the file as “Format: OmniGraffle Document
Automatic (package or flat file)”, then zip it up on email, she can open it. If I don’t export and zip it, she can’t open. If I export and don’t zip it, she can’t open it.

We both access a shared network drive, and she can’t open the files I save on there, although I have no issues opening/editing it. I’d love not to keep exporting/emailing the files. Ideas of what is going on?

Hi @ingo422, this sounds like not-uncommon behavior. OmniGraffle uses a package file format (also known as file wrappers) that is similar to a folder disguised as a file. Because of that files can sometimes be corrupted during transport. This support article on our website has more info on that. Package files also require a WebDAV server to ensure proper functionality, and can have trouble on some servers that don’t support them.

If you’re not able to use a WebDAV server, and/or need to email the file frequently you’ll either need to continue zipping it first, or you can change the file format from package file to flat file.