<filename> - edited vs dot in Red Light

I just noticed that edited files, i.e., if I pressed any key since opening the file, here in OO Pro 3.something on Mavericks 9.something, now put the word “– Edited” in the title bar of the window. Previously, there used to be black dot in the Red Light of the window frame.

Why the change? Something to do with continuous saving architecture in the OS?

Can I change it back? Either as a preference, or a hack?

Because my left eye is trained to look for such things, and this is still the way that other apps signal unsaved changes, e.g. MS Office. Plus I prefer less clutter, and a bunch of pixels seems neater than a whole extra word.

This is the standard OS behavior when supporting autosave and Versions. There is no way have the old indicator back as far as I’m aware.

Thanks for the reply. I have noticed that some applications which do use Versions, such as Apple’s Pages, have both the -Edited and the little black dot as well.

Oh, I’m sorry, are you saying you don’t see the black dot? You should see both just like with Pages.

That is correct, the black dot isn’t appearing inside the red light.

But you see the black dot in Pages on this same computer? Can you check what specific version of OO3 you’re running please, OmniOutliner menu > About OmniOutliner will show it. If you have the OS set to “Ask to keep changes when closing documents”, then the black dot should appear.

OK, right! I had that preference switched the other way on one of my machines, which was suppressing the save-dot (as well as confusing me). Now it’s back. Thanks!

Fairly new to Mavericks and its advanced ways.