Filter by Due - How does it work?

I’m trying to make a Perspective showing all actions with due dates regardless of when they are due. It seems filtering by Due or Flagged only shows actions that are Due Soon along with any action that is flagged.

Can anyone share what interval is chosen when you try to filter by Due? Today is Apr 25th, and I have something due May 7th, but it won’t show up in the Perspective. It’s only showing my actions that are due within the next few days.

I think filter by “Due” is the same thing as filter by “Due Soon,” so it would be whatever you have set in the “Dates & Times” preferences.

For more on this topic, check out this thread:

As I mentioned in that thread, I created a perspective like what you are looking for in OmniFocus 1 by grouping by “Due” and keeping the “No Due Date” group closed, but that doesn’t work in OF2 because group states (i.e., hidden/visible) are not reset every time you open the perspective.

I have e-mailed this as a bug.