Filter by tag today's tasks

OK, just purchased the expensive upgrade to OF3 for iOS and Mac and I am already confused: so we can have a tag to identify the tasks I will work on today. Let us call it ‘Today’ tag.

Within this tag I can order the tasks to my liking. All good until now.

But what if I want to see today’s tasks to be completed at ‘Work’ or at ‘Home’ (‘Work’ and ‘Home’ being other tags) by preserving the order I set previously under ‘Today’ tag?

Building a separate perspective would filter the correct list of tasks but the order will all be messed up.

How is it possible to achieve this simple setup in OF3?

Note: this works perfectly in Things 3 (even Things2 …)

I just hope I will not already regret the investment in the OF3 upgrade!

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