Filter context view to a particular project


I am trying to filter a project by context (and vice versa). So, when I’m in the project view, I want to be able to filter it down to just the ‘web’ context or whatever. You can sort of achieve the effect by searching ‘web’ in the project view, but this will of course also show tasks when the word is the title/note etc.

Is there a simple way to filter contexts in the project view? Would creating a custom perspective be the only way?


You can ‘focus’ on the project you want, that will filter everything in the current Omnifocus window to that project (or folder, or selection of projects, whatever you selected in the project sidebar when you press on the focus-button or menuitem View > Focus on …)

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Ah, I see - that’s a great way to do it. Plus it works with forecasts, flags, all sorts.

Thank you!