Filter on defer date – but not passed ones

In the Forecast perspective, there is a setting to Show deferred items. With this, I can choose to show which items are deferred for each day in the overview.

I would like to create a similar, custom perspective, where I show upcoming deferred items from a couple of my contexts. But whatever I try, the perspective starts with items with deferred dates in the passed. This means I have to scroll until I get to the items I’m interested in.

Is there a way to duplicate how the Forecast perspective treats deferred dates in a custom perspective?

@thoresson The only way you could have the perspective work for you is to collapse/fold all the headers showing past deferred items & then ‘save’ or ‘freeze’ the perspective in that particular view-thereafter the perspective will show the most recent deferred items with a minimum or even no scrolling required. Is that a help?