Filter Rule that shows tasks due today?

I may be missing something, but how can I set up a filter in a custom perspective that will only include tasks due today?

I can only find Filter Rules for “Status: Due Soon” and “Has a due date”… But not “Status: Due Today” or “Has a due date of today”.

Is it really not possible to filter tasks due today in a custom perspective? Thanks for your help.

You can only do it (best I can tell) by changing your Due Soon setting, but that changes everything, not just the perspective.

I’ve been testing out OF, considering moving to it. But the (apparent) lack of a way to do date relative filters in the custom perspective may be a deal breaker for me. Like I can’t make a custom perspective that shows everything from work due tomorrow.

I would think this must be on a development roadmap - or there is some serious technical issue preventing it - because this seems like a major, and obvious, omission from the perspective system.

I understand what you ant to do, but why would you not just look on the Forecast view for today?

You may be able to achieve your desired workflow with these suggestions:

  • Create a Perspective named “Due Today”. In “Perspective > Presentation: > Group and sort > Group actions by:” dropdown to use the value of “Due”.

  • Your new “Due Today” Perspective will look something similar to the example below.

Option 1: Click on Forecast Perspective and if there is a number in Today’s Date, click on it to display only tasks due today.

Option 2:

Option 3: Attached.

Would any of these work for your needs?

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