Filter Rules in perspective with tags on (and only on) projects


I’m a musician/studio manager, and I have great hope with the new tag feature to manage what I still need to do in the songs I’m working.

I can work for 5 or 6 projects at a time, and often new songs don’t “have” the definitive “client” from the start. For instance: I’m working for one singer A and I also have an electro project B. Maybe the singer A would like to sing on a song of B.

So I set 2 tags: Tracks : A singer and Tracks : B electro
One project Song on which I would like to apply one or both tags. I don’t feel the need to apply this tag on every action into it. This project contain everything I need to do (record the guitar, let People : singer A listen). Then I setup some perspective for both.

Working like that is perfect for me, even if I would agree it’s funny because I’m using tags for projects…
My problem is: if I want to work on other smaller project Tracks : C and Tracks : D (which could be grouped in one perspective), or check any tracks that would be untagged yet, actually I don’t know how to make a perspective for that. It seems like I must apply the Tracks : A singer and Tracks : B electro tags on every action of projects. That would clutter my view (I know it could be simple with inherited tag)

Tell me if I’m missing something, because I’m quite new on using perspectives.


I get lazy and I just type in the person’s name in the task title. Then I do a search for that person’s name…
@Singer 1

@Singer 2

I can create a perspective and have it search for the singer’s name.

Get that set up first and then play around with tags to get it to do what I want.

Yes, but I’m using person’s name for things I really need to do with this person (recording, listening to something, talking about an idea).

I really have the feeling to miss something with perspectives…
1- if a project match a perspective criteria, couldn’t we expect to see every actions that has to be done for this project?
2- couldn’t it be useful for everyone to have the ability to choose a Filter “is a project” (right now I’m adding a “none” condition before adding “is not a project or group”)