Final due dates and when you want to finish something

I have many assignments that have a final due date but that I have a preferred date when I would like to complete them by. Is there any way within OmniFocus to set these two types of due dates?

For example, I have a paper that is due on Friday morning but based on my schedule this week I would prefer to have it finished by Sunday. However, if I am unable to completely finish it on Sunday I do not want it to show as overdue when I look at it in my Forecast because that would not be accurate and I really want to be alerted if something is actually overdue.

I’m afraid there are no soft-due and hard-due as you wish. Only due.

  • On the one hand, you don’t want your soft-due to be marked as overdue, and might use due for your hard-due dates.
  • On the other hand, the only way you can have them marked as due on Sunday is by using due as your soft-due dates.
    Catch-22 it seems, right?

I see two alternatives:

  1. You could find a way of using flags to make certain tasks more important
  2. You could use some scripts to postpone the due dates of your taks (like Defer and Snooze from Dan Byler’s Omnifocus collection or, if you want more flexibility, the Later script by Chris Sauvé)

Update: The download link at Chris Sauvé’s blog seems broken. I informed him already, and will post an update here when I hear from him. Meanwhile, if you need it, PM me and I can send you a copy ;-)