Finding items on Single Action lists without certain tag


With the introduction of the Forecast Tag, I’m now trying to create a workflow that doens’t depend on faux due dates. Instead, I’m experimenting with three “horizon tags”:

  • Now (which is also my Forecast Tag)
  • Soon (next up, things I need to do as soon as I can fit them in my schedule)
  • Someday (for my someday/maybe items)

For this to work, I would like to create two new perspectives: One that shows all Next Actions from all Projects that lacks both a due date and one of the horizon tags. And one that shows all items on my Single Action lists that also lacks both a due date and an horizon tag.

I’ve tried to create this, but can’t find a way. Is what I want to do possible?

It sounds like this is broadly what you’re trying to do (if I’m reading this right):

This sort of combines the two perspectives you have in mind, since every action in a Single Action List is considered First Available/Next Action. There isn’t a way to eliminate or include SALs by type, but you could add a Contained within project or folder rule to either the None section to exclude, or, say, after the First Available rule to include, and just select your SALs manually.

Hopefully this is clear (I might need more coffee).



Thanks! Your suggestion almost did what I wanted. A small modification was all that I needed to do.

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