Finding original assets

I have various plots that I generate for (say) a poster. The plots are generated from R, MATLAB, etc. I don’t want them to change in the poster until I decide I want them changed. (For instance, if I tweak some code and regenerate the plot, I don’t want the poster figures to change.) So this part already works as I would like.

Fast forward to now, the poster has been printed and presented, and I want to save all the assets as they are/were. I have the images within the package (image262.png, image270.pdf, etc.), but they originated from /Users/me/Documents/stuff/awesomegraph.png
Knowing that, I can in turn find the analysis.R file that created awesomegraph.png, saving all these files as they are/were would be great.

Is there a way to determine the path and filename of the files that were dragged and dropped into the OG document?

You can copy your images inside of the OmniGraffle document from the export panel by checking “Copy linked images into package” when exporting to OmniGraffle. That will put all of your images into the package folder and create a list of images named “image1, image 2,” and so on into your OmniGraffle document along with a data.plist file that has an ImageList entry with every image. Once you export, in the Finder, select your OmniGraffle document and choose “Show Package Contents” to see the images & data.plist file. For your workflow, it might make sense to keep multiple copies of the exported document so that you have the right images per version.

If you would like to see us list the original link as a future feature, or have ideas about how we should tweak the current link copy on export, please send us an email by choosing Contact Omni from your help menu.


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