Finding "Path" To OmniOutliner Item

In a huge outline I’d like to be able to find an item’s “path.” In other words, I want to search for “test” and see that it’s buried in "Outline Level 1> Outline Level 2 >...Outline Level n.

I’ve hunted around but can’t see to find a way to do that. Is that possible somehow?

@draft8 did a wonderful script a while ago that accomplishes it, I think.

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Thank you, @unlocked2412. I’ll have a look.

@SupportHumans, what’s the best way to request this for consideration as a feature for a future version? It seems a useful addition for those of us working with huge outlines.

— Robert

Tagging the support team like you did there does alert us and I’ve captured this in our development database. So you’re all set this time!

Using the forums is really meant for for people to gather and chat about tips and tricks. Of course you’re welcome to request things here but it’s not always monitored and recorded. If you’d like to request features or report bugs, your best bet is to email us directly. Within the app using the Help menu to Contact Omni should open Mail and populate the subject line with the details about which version of the app you are using. That’s the best way to make sure your suggestions make it to the right place!

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Great, @AprilR. Thank you and will do in the future.