Finished all tasks but in sidebar is one as not finished

I have a parallel project.
In this project are eight tasks.
All tasks are finished.
But in sidebar I seen one as not finished, see screenshot.

What does this means?

Thanks for help.


Sometimes I see a similar bug in OF for iPad:

  • all tasks with “Due date&time < current” are complete;
  • but in sidebar for this projects one or more red points are displayed (i.e. some tasks are not done)


I thought Your reply would be the solution. Now I see that You have the same problem ;-)


Could it be counting the project itself as the “1”? I see that the project itself is showing as due but not complete, along with the tasks that are due but are complete.

Try completing the project, which should happen, since all the tasks are complete.



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Yes that’s probably it. The project itself has a due date, so it has to be completed.

In my case it doesn’t work.
Project does not have a “Due date” itself, but seems like having incomplete actions.

Thanks for answer. That isn’t the solution I think.
The red marks in sidebar are are information about open tasks not open projects.
The other project “Unfallversicherung” has the same structure.
This hasn’t a red mark, see screenshot.


I have check the situation again.
Now I think you are right.

See my screenshot.