Flag shortcut not working

OF support has valiantly tried to help me with this but I thought I might try asking the group on the forum.

Suddenly, my “Set Flag” shortcut of CMD+Shift+L has stopped working and I don’t know how to get it back.

I am not sure exactly when it stopped working and I am unaware of changes that I made to computer around the time that might have caused it.

I do use Keyboard Maestro but disabling Keyboard Maestro doesn’t fix the problem.

I can manually set flags and unset them.

When I try to use the shortcut, it doesn’t make a beep or do anything. If I try to set it to another shortcut, it either works or at least makes an “I tried” beep.

Any ideas? This is a shortcut I use all the time. Thank you!

You might try a “Shortcut Detective” app to help you… (Irradiated Software - Labs - Beta Tested • Gamma Blasted)

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