Flagged tasks in Forecast?

Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask, if it is possible to add flagged tasks without a due date to the Forecast?
I mark all my tasks for today, which don’t have a fixed due date as flagged and so I want to add them to the Forecast in the today section.
I already created a specific perspective for this, but there I can’t see the calendar and upcoming tasks.

Thanks in advance for your help.




That’s my workflow too.

Currently I open 2 OF windows as my main “control panel”:

  • A due(today) or flagged perspective.
  • The forecast view open on today.

It would be great to collapse these down to just the forecast view.

I suggest you guys hit Help>Contact Omni and submit this as a feature request. Email is the only official way to bring bugs or feature requests to Ominigroup’s attention. And, of course, the many people wants this, the many people would better do the same (to show its importance). My two cents ;-)

@ediventurin Thanks for your help. I just submitted an email to OmniGroup. Maybe the feature will make it into a future release.

@psidnell Nice idea, but I don’t like having to single windows open. I am currently using the same setup with two perspectives viewed after another, but I want to have one unified view. If you are also interested in this feature you could do, as @ediventurin said and submit an email to Omni, like I did.

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This won’t solve your problem, but you might like it: SmartPerspective.
It’s a combination of AppleScript and a Keyboard Maestro macro, crafter by Brandon Pittman, and the way I work even before I found it. The real nice things is the automation it provides :D

I use my personal variation, but you have all you need in his original article

Just did the same. ;)