Flags? Advice needed

Hi - does anyone have any links/articles/videos etc as to the best use of Flags?

Currently I don’t even bother with them because I am not quite sure what they do?

Thanks in advance.

Flags are at your service for selecting tasks that in one way or another are especially important for you. Then you have them conveniently available to work with in the Flagged perspective. It’s a good way to avoid setting due dates for tasks that don’t have real deadlines.

I’m thinking of overhauling my system to make flags mean “actionable”. Because I use OF as my everything-bucket, I’ve always struggled with separating real To-Dos from ideas, ref, maybes, etc. And most of what I add to OF is NOT actionable, so it makes sense for default (unflagged) to indicate non-actionable.

Flags for me are must do’s as opposed to need to do’s or want to do•s

I also make sure they appear at the top of my daily work perspectives

Previously, I’d used flags to represent ‘ASAP’ (i.e. urgency) but in the recent past I moved that to a tag.

Now, I’m using them to mark the “big rock”-type tasks. Basically if I need to factor it in when planning out my day (to the extent one can plan one’s day with a 9-month-old) it gets a flag. As a rule of thumb, if it takes 20 minutes or more (or if it feels like it does), it gets a flag. That’s working pretty well for me as I keep a lot of smaller tasks in OF as well.

On the work side, I need to give some consideration to my structure as I’ve just recently returned to work, but I think a flag there is going to have a meaning something like ‘up next’ / ‘today’.

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