Floating time between defer and due

So maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve put in a feature request anyway…

In this example I’ll use my rent. It’s Jul 26th, so I put my rent due as Aug 1st at 5:00 pm. The next day until Sep 1st I can pay September’s rent so I put Aug 2nd 12:00 am as my defer date. The problem comes with the fixed time between defer and due, because when I do this

September’s Rent: August 2, 12:00 AM -> September 1, 5:00 PM

this happens on the next iteration…

October’s Rent: September 1, 12:00 AM -> October 1, 5:00 PM.

Because the months alternate duration, and OF uses the time between defer and due dates, this screws up the frequency, rather than letting those dates “float” because they aren’t important, the two input dates’ are.

If someone has a fix I’m happy to hear it. I’m not looking for a workaround, please don’t tell me to “just do this and try not to think about it”. The whole point of having a system as powerful as this one is to not have to think about when tasks are due or available or actionable. This system should do that for me. Besides I already have a slight workaround… I just put the due date as the 28th (that way it works in February). I hate this because my rent isn’t actually due on the 28th, but I hate seeing next month’s rent available on the first of the month before it’s available.

I understand I can play with the duration by shifting the due date up or the defer date forward so that even in February the defer date is the 2nd, but in both instances, one of the statements is false. I’m either not treating due dates with their proper authority by setting them prematurely, or temporarily missing an actionable item.

Are you on OF2 or OF3?

Not quite getting this?

If you add a defer date of say August 25th and Due September 1st, then set it to repeat monthly on assigned dates (OF3) this works.

I do this for all finance related items, defer a few days before due date to give me warning. Not sure why you would defer it again for the next day as then it is going to sit there and nag you while cluttering up your available tasks for a month, when really you do not ned to see it.

If you need a reminder a weekly review should pick up the fact its going to happen or create a “coming soon” perspective focussing just on finance related items and check it daily/weekly whichever suits you best.


Both, IOS is 3, Mac is 2.

This is what I see when I set the initial dates as you said and set repeat to monthly on assigned dates. Notice the one day shift in the defer date.

The whole point of these systems is to show you what is available so you can get things done. If I can pay the bill from the 2nd to the last day, that’s when I should see it. I like that it’ll sit there and show available and nag me, that way I pay attention to it.

Then should that not say deferred until September 2nd?otherwise its not going to show up until the 24th of each month.

Its also showing as deferred until midnight on the 24th so effectively the 25th which is correct.

Set deffered dates to zero, not 12am which is probably what is causing the issue.

I initially put in Aug 25 12:00 am, so it’s a 1 day shift backwards because September has one less day than August, meaning the defer date will occur on the month 1 day earlier than it did before.

Defer dates also default to the beginning of the day 12:00 am, as far as I know, you can’t set the time to “zero”.

That was what I emant by zero.

In military time 0000 is 12:00 AM