Focus and Deferred tasks

Just getting started with OF and trying to get out of the habit of using Due Dates for actions which aren’t ‘must complete by XX’ deadlines.

I’ve been deferring tasks until the day that I’d LIKE to start them (or have them pop up at least), but these now aren’t showing up in Forcast. I’ve changed the view to include Deferred, but I’m seeing all actions which have been deferred to that date, rather than having them appear at the specified time.

Is this correct? I still want to see/be reminded about these actions (notifications?), just not until the time I set.

This is correct. Sometimes the label says it all: this particular view is giving you the summary of what your coming days will look like, forecasting them. So when You lose oversight due to the sheer amount of deferred tasks for that particular day, you will be able to tell by looking in this view.

However, in all other perspectives the tasks will be hidden (if the view settings is on “active”) until the time the deferred task becomes active.

Thanks for the response :) So I’d need to set up a custom perspective to display my actions in the way I want? I’m guessing I need Pro for that…?

Sad to say, yes… The workaround for You would be to work with the flagged perspective, but that is a rather manual endeavor… Sorry… But, deep inside, you new you were a pro user all the time, didn’t you?-)

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I’m not sure my bank balance did though…

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