Focus/Focus in New Window Functionality

When I am using a context perspective and click on the Focus button, I can’t tell that anything happens other than a line appears at the top saying that I’m focusing. Everything else stays the same as it was before I hit the button. Should something be happening?

I am looking for the functionality that I used to get from right click Focus in New Window to open that project. I use this constantly - when I complete a task and plan to move on to something different I will go ahead and create the next Next Action for that project as a bookmark. In Omnifocus 1 I would do Focus in New Window, add the NA, and then close the window, putting me right back where I was.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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I think that this is a bit of a bug. I know that it comes up when using a perspective that includes a focus and then you add a window focus. I don’t know whether it comes up when putting a window focus on a non-focused perspective.

The only way I’ve been able to get around it is to switch to a different perspective and then switch back. Sometimes that gets the window to be properly limited to the focused projects.

I’ve hit this bug too. I reported this to Omni in May along with some screen casts showing the issue, and the response I’ve gotten varies from this is expected behavior to they can’t recreate the issue.

I contacted Omni again a few days ago. I’ll post if there’s any update.

For now, I would recommend downgrading to OF 1 until this is addressed. I’ve tried the work around (shifting perspectives before and after toggling focus), but I’ve found it’s too easy to get a view showing incorrect information without realizing it.


From our friends at Omni:

Thanks for sending in those videos, they definitely help to illustrate the problem. I’ve submitted this as a possible bug to our dev database. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

I’m assuming they’re going to triage bugs based on the number of people affected, so I’d encourage anyone who’s bit by this one to file a duplicate bug report.

This is still broken as of v2.0.3. I’m beginning to think this one is very low on the priority list to fix if a fix is coming.

Sorry for the delay! A fix for this will be coming soon.

This should be fixed in the latest test builds of OmniFocus 2.0.4.