Focus in New Window, View change [Fixed]


congrats to the new version. I like it a lot and I get many things that have grown on me in the iPad version - mostly the review window and the UI improvements make it a lot more fun working with OF2.

I am really missing two items from OF1 (apart from the small fonts and grey color on grey background).

  1. In OF1, when I was on a task in context view, I could select “Focus in New Window” and OF would bring me to the project with all its tasks. In OF2 this is only possible from the context menu of a project. Very often I start in a context and after finishing a task, I would like to record one or two follow-ups with the project. I know “Quick Open” is a workaround - but with OF1, this was only one click away.

  2. Worse is this one:
    I select a project/context in the side bar (Maybe opening some folders and closing others). Then want to change the view of the outline section (middle window) e.g. from Available to Remaining. OF2 then unfolds all projects/contexts in the sidebar and jumps to the first entry and I have to find my place again. I would much more like the sidebar in the same status with regard to folding and unfolding and would prefer, if the last selection would remain as it was.

What do others think about this,



PS Thanks for the great work.

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This should be fixed in the current build.

Indeed it is. Thanks a lot ;)