Focus on context

Is there a way to focus on a context (instead of a project) with a custom perspective?

At the moment, even though I don’t choose “project hierarchy” for a perspective, it still only gives me option to focus on a project, and not a context.

Is this intentional? Why do we have to view contexts in a cluttered hierarchy and with unnecessarily long headlines, even when we customise a perspective just to focus on one context?

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Are you using the ‘Sidebar Selection’ to select the context you want to view? It’s not quite the same as focus, certainly, as all your other contexts are still visible. The focus feature, whether in custom perspectives or enabled at will, only works with projects.

I’m sure the OmniFocus team would be happy for you to submit a feature request if you’re not satisfied with the current implementation.

Sidebar or perspective, I see that there is no focus option for contexts.

Is there a logic behind this? Or is it something that’s just not there yet?

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I also don’t get the logic behind this. I would be happy if there would be focus function for contexts like there is one for projects!

But I think I might heard that this kind of will be a feature in OF 3?