Focus Perspective that overrides with certain due dates

Hi everyone,

I use a Focus perspective to start my day each day. It filters next actions based on the following:
Anything flagged
Anything due soon
Anything that is in my Client Area of Focus (folder in Omnifocus)
Anything tagged with routine

It filters out specifically anything with a waiting for or someday/maybe tag.
HOWEVER, I really want a due date to override that and pop up in here. Is there a way to add a conditional statement so that if it is due soon it will still show in this perspective?

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Hi, your should setup perspective like this:
Any of the following:
----Status: Due Soon
----All of the following:
--------Availability: Available
--------Any of the following:
------------Status: Flagged
------------Tagged: routine
------------Contained within project or folder: Client Area of Focus

I hope it is what you looking for.


Thanks, this worked beautifully. So simple now that I watched someone else create it lol. I just could not wrap my head around it!

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