Folder/project organization working for multiple clients

Hi there,

I’m looking for best practices with respect to project/folder organization. To give you some background, I’m working as a tax consultant at a larger firm. In this job I have multiple clients who I am working for. Most of these clients are long relationships, meaning that at some time for a client there can be 5 simultaneous projects, while sometimes there can be no projects.

In OmniFocus I would like to remain an overview per client, even if there are no current projects pending. I’m thinking about a structure with a folder per client. However in order to be able to identify which project belongs to which client, I think it makes sense to start all projects also with the name of the client.


Client 1 (folder)
… [Client 1] Project 1
… [Client 1] Project 2
Client 2 (folder)
… [Client 2] Project 1
… [Client 2] Project 2

Can anyone share some insight/best practices in this area?

I do something similar. I append the name of the client or organization at the end of the project title so that it doesn’t obscure the goal-oriented portion of the project title in the Projects perspective. For that, I use either an OS X text replacement or a TextExpander snippet so that I can use three initials or something similar.